Stan Kadowaki

Looking back on the path I was on, I can see people planting good seeds in my life.  Reverend Juengel was instrumental in my life. He shared how he grappled with life and just showed love towards the community

Getting to know some older Japanese Americans, I was led astray into a life of drinking, and philandering. Practically straining to be like them, I found myself in a dead end lifestyle.

At the grocery store job I had, I met some more partying types. Frank  was the son of the local wealthy Dentist in the Harbor. He was set to go to Dental school and inherit his Dads practice . One day he pulled me aside and told me he did not want to party anymore. I needed to know what happened to him and why he was not going to pursue Dental school and go to Bible college instead. The height of the battle was on. Carousing for women, drinking and drugs vs Frank asking me to go to Bible study with him. This went on for months. 

One night after work, Frank asked me to go for pancakes at the local Cafe. we went, and on the way back I was asking the Lord that He needed to give me a sign of some magnitude for me to believe in Him. Frank led me in the sinners prayer and when I stepped out of the car, the trees came alive and were clapping for me. Only later on in my walk did I read that the trees would clap their hands...

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

Life has never been the same!  Hallelujah!  That is ‘How I met my Father’


Sally Kadowaki

My name is Sally Kadowaki, and my story is being retold by my son Stanley Kadowaki. 

I grew up in a typical Japanese American Home with lots of siblings and Buddhist traditions.

During the war, our government took away my family's home and our livelihood and put us in internment camp.  The ‘white’ American ‘Christian’ values were not for us it seemed.  Released from camp and on to young adulthood, I met the love of my life, my husband.  We started a family and raised them in a semi-Buddhist way.  We attended funerals, weddings, and the obon festivals at the local Buddhist church.  There was community there and all the families seemed happy and were doing well.  I can remember our children asking, what does the chanting mean?My response was, "I do not know just be quiet and sit up straight and behave like all the other families…"

One day my son came home from work and said he was now a born again Christian!  He was very excited to share his new life with us.  We dismissed and rejected his born again new life and he shut down trying to get us to listen for at least a decade.

A decade or more passed and I had an incident with our jacuzzi.  The miraculous visited our home.  I was found floating and unconscious.  My hero husband called 911 and they revived me.  I was in the hospital alive but my heartbeat was dangerously racing.  My son Stanley came in to my hospital room and he said a prayer and immediately my heartbeat went to normal rhythm

A few days after being released from the hospital Stanley came to visit.  I sat down and he explained Jesus' purpose for our lives, and we prayed the sinner's prayer.  

This was a new life for me.  During my whole life it seemed like the Christian way of life was not for me.  Before i was born, my older brother died, he was hit by a car getting off the bus coming home from church.  This set a standard for our family.  My dad told all of us.  “You do not have to go to church to be a good person, so no more church”  our whole family obeyed without question and my sisters and brothers never pursued knowing Jesus Christ.  I did not know that Jesus would pursue  them all the way to the end. 

 I was able to listen to Stanley and my eldest daughter Linda talk about Jesus Christ while on my last hours on the earth.  When i took my last breath i opened my eyes and saw Linda, like a deer caught in the headlights as she was being introduced to Jesus Christ.


Nancy Brunemer

I came to faith the first time as a 6 year old first grader in Catholic school. I fell in love with Jesus. As a 17 year old, I was witnessed to by a dear friend who was in college. She explained "the bridge" to me, how Jesus is the bridge between the Father and all humans. I was enchanted! The college years were filled with the World. As a late 20s person, I was invited to make a Cursillo. That was the life changer. Between all these conversions was backsliding. Major. When we moved to Texas, I read a book by John Bevere and realized I had been playing a game and needed to confess ALL my sins to a fellow Christian, make myself transparent ond accountable and walk in Jesus' footsteps every day. It's been two years now. The walk of faith continues to deepen daily and my love for Jesus, my heavenly Father and the Spirit grows daily also. I'm so happy. I have eternal security and the backsliding is over. Praise GOD.



When I was a kid I grew up going to Sunday school every week for several years.

I was in GOD’S HOUSE he was there but I was not there to see him.

There have three times in my life when “I ASKED GOD” to come to life.  My world had become very dark, and the darkness was sucking me in.  I was weak and all alone.  I had lost my hope and my way.  My future was only of loneness with nothing to live for. 

I just want to get rid of the pain I had. 

1st time:  I was in the military serving off the coast of Vietnam I was 22 years old on a ship.

Thousands of miles away from home when my wife of one year writes me to tell

me she has found new a man and wanted to end our marriage.  At first I was very

mad at her.  Then I became very sad I could not talk to her.

I stood at the back of the ship ready to jump to my death when I believe CHRIST

spoke to me through a man in the dark.  He “asked me what I was doing”.  

Some how?  What ever pain I was feeling left me.

                  I WAS NOT ALONE GOD WAS WITH ME.

2nd time: I had remarried again and after 10 years of things going from bad to worse

 I lay on my bed alone having a heart attack seeing all the things in my life were

flashing before me in slow motion. I felt as if I was going to die very soon. My heart 

was failing me.  I was lying there “wanting to live” yet my body was shutting down on me. 

   I had spent many years trying to do the right things to make the marriage work by stressing and worrying about it trying to be “Super mom and Dad”. Taking care of my daughter Kelsey day and night taking her to school picking her up, dinner, bath, school work, house cleaning, yard and keeping after two dogs. I did it all while my wife was going to school and studying and did her own thing.

 As my daughter slept in the next room the medics treated me for heart attack as they took me to a hospital to be treated.   I felt so alone when they took me in for heart surgery my wife would not ever hold my hand.  Though she did call our Church, and they began to praying for me and our pastor was there for me while in surgery.

                 I WAS NOT ALONE GOD WAS WITH ME

3rd time I was alone at work early when I felt the consuming darkness with the heaviest encapsulating weight was taking over me body and mind.  My most precious love of life my daughter was being taken away from me. 

Her mother wanted everything that was important to me my daughter the house,  the car, my dog, and all my money and most of the family would be dead. 

 She was expected me to pay her spousal and child support to her and my daughter. I would be working but living on the streets. This was her wish and the courts would be on her side. 

I knew I could not afford to live nearby Kelsey, and when would in see her maybe twice a month on weekends.  How could afford to have a place to buy food or pay my bills.

  I was hopeless I had planned out and accidental death by a car accident. It could not look intentional for I knew the insurance would not pay.  

 I could not say good bye. This hurt! Even more than death! Oh how I hurt. 


       I knelt down and prayed like I had never prayed before

I “asked the LORD for comfort and forgiveness for the things I had done, and had not done and left undone”.

I was flushed such warmth and calmness when I came to call on the

                          “LORD GIVE ME PEACE”,

 He became my savior that day will for eternity.


I received a new life when I was set free of my sins and made

Christ the most loved part of my life.

I have been forever changed I relay not on my self for answers and what I can do.

  I know GOD has plan for me and by asking CHRIST for direction and help making decisions I have comfort.

When I put my trust in the LORD he opened my eyes. 

I can now see the many blessings I have around me and my family.

 The best blessing is to knowing the love of the LORD is there for me when I ask HIM into my heart.

I now walk with the LORD everyday.   I know that I am blessed with HIS love every day. 

 I am thankful everyday that I can do HIS work.

  By loving all my brothers and sisters, young and old.

We all have CHRIST with us Mathew 28:20

‘Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.

And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”


David Beaver

I met the Lord late in life during a very dark period. I had been laid off when I was in my early sixties. I was deeply depressed and suffered from too much stress and anxiety. I was drawn, like a match to the flame, to watching people that actually had jobs drive to work in the morning.

My brother-in-law Stan Kadowaki reached out to me to come to his church, Robinwood. This was a big deal for me because I was Jewish going to a Christian church. At the time, I felt totally empty inside. My soul called out for help. Such was the need I felt.

Every Sunday, off I went to what would later become my new faith. During that time, I was extremely self conscious and uncomfortable. I stuck to Stan like glue. When he would go talk to someone or get called by the pastor, I stressed out big-time. And so began my journey.

During that time, a very good friend of mine’s daughter had stage 4 cancer, and the prognosis wasn’t good. She went to the same high school as my daughter. It is always so sad to hear that kind of news, but it hit me really hard. As I would lay awake at night, I would think, “Something has to happen before it’s too late.” 

During my prayers one night, the Lord whispered in my ear, “ You should get the whole congregation to prayer for her.” I awoke that morning with a new mission.

As I went to church that Sunday, it was all I could think about. I was looking for my new Pastor. As I walked towards him, one of the church elders was walking fast to intercept me. Now at that time, unless you knew the pastor, you had to go through this elder. Also, getting the whole congregation to prayer for someone was just unheard of. So there was no way that Elder was going to let me through to the Pastor.

 I was really high strung and looking very intense. So after he explained that it wasn’t permitted for the 3rd time, he didn’t know what else to do and let me through. Now this Pastor kept nervously walking away from me while giving me some excuse or another, but I just wouldn’t let up. So he stops trying to escape from this Jewish nut in his Christian church, He listens and calmly says that’s not how it works here. We do it in small prayer groups. He says it again, but I still have that very intense look on my face.

“We just have to. I promised her dad”, I said. Now I was very emotional and at the point of tears. He looked at me quietly for a minute, and then nodded his head yes, and said “okay.” So he went up to the pulpit and looked at the congregation, sweeping his eyes from left to right. “Today we have a special request from one of our attendees, Stan Kadowaki’s brother-in-law David Beaver. I know that this is very unusual, but I couldn’t say no. Will you all rise and prayer with me…”

And that’s how I met my Father,


Nancy Jaojoco

I remember it very well, as if it were yesterday, November 11, 1982. By divine intervention…
I was working as the evening supervisor ( 3-11pm) at Temple Community Hospital. It was my first day of duty after my orientation. A newly admitted patient required reverse isolation procedure and this set-up required the Infection Control Nurse to approve. The charge nurse called the Infection Control nurse to come back and set it up.
It was around  6pm already when Mila showed up in the nurses station and so I met her there and we introduced ourselves. She said she was from the Visayas and graduated from Chong Hua Hospital . I told her I knew a Mila Mc Michael from Chong Hua Hospital because she was the President of the Cebu Student Nurses association and I was the Representative from my school.   It turned out it was her!! I was “starstruck” because I idolized her then!
After the patient issue was completed, she invited me to her office and  she and I talked about her life after she left Chong Hua and the miracle that happened to her. I also shared with her my life at that time. Then she asked me a surprising question that if I were to die today, am I sure I will go to heaven? I said Not sure because I am a sinful person.
The next thing we did was we prayed the sinner’s prayer and I remember the words  “ as white as snow” and “Jesus does not remember my sins anymore “. I cried for a long time…
After that, she invited me to attend the Sunday service at Angelus Temple and I walked to the altar during the altar call.
I received a Bible from her with my name engraved on it’s cover and a One Year Bible ( I still have both of them).
All the rest is history. And whether we see each other or not, the gift of salvation that she introduced me to has become my hope, my guide, my encouragement and my assurance that I am going to Heaven!!!